Everything You Need To Know About Betting On Dragonboat

singapore online sportsbookThe dragon boat is one of the popular sports to bet on online Singapore sites. The sport is filled with competitive events that includes rowing teams competing to get to the finish line. 

In this short betting guide, we will analyze several aspects related to dragon boat sports betting. Keep in mind that several sports betting sites are also offering dragon boat betting. 

A brief history of Dragonboat for online betting Singapore 

Dragonboat is an exciting water sport that involves rowing a large boat with a team of rowers. The teams of dragon boat rowers are typically made up of 16 people who sit in double in a canoe-esque vessel and paddling over the since of 250 meters. 

This dynamic and adrenaline-pumping sport originated in China and has spread throughout East and Southeast Asia. This is why the sport is prevalent in the aforementioned regions of Asia. The name itself of the sport came from the shape of the boat that resembles a mythical Chinese dragon. 

Once you created a legitimate betting account, you can now get started on placing your bets on the online betting Singapore site. 

Real money dragon boat online betting Singapore platform

While free-to-play is common in online casino games like slots and roulette, sports betting is best to play when you are risking real money. When you get started to play real money betting, you might be risking real money bets but you are also increasing your odds of winning in the sportsbook. 

In order to maximize your dragon boat betting, you need to familiarize yourself with several bonuses and promotions related to the sport you are betting on. Depending on the online betting Singapore site you are betting on, there are various offers that are designed to boost your winnings on the site.

Online betting Singapore strategies for dragon boat

Just like in other disciplines of sports, you can also employ certain strategies to boost your odds of winning. A Dragon Boat is not just a highly competitive sport for participants but also a competitive venture for sports bettors as well. 

The first sports betting tip that you can apply in your betting session is keeping tabs on the weather conditions on the day of the event. Depending on the boating sport you are betting on, some boats work better in good weather conditions. Meanwhile, some teams couldn't perform better when the weather condition is bad. 

Another effective strategy to boost your odds of winning at dragon boat betting is to analyze the form of the team you are betting on. Racing teams sometimes go through a losing streak and have a bad racing season. Meanwhile, some do perform well and produce a winning streak. 

Lastly, your success in dragon boat betting could be depending on the betting odds that are being offered on the site. Some betting odds are good enough to provide you with huge wins. Meanwhile, some betting odds are bad, so you need to analyze the quality of the odds being offered before you place your wager. 

When you apply all of these sports betting strategies, you can guarantee that you could win huge prizes on the site. Make sure that you use all of these precepts in your next betting sessions. If you have more questions, you can contact the online betting Singapore site you are betting on. 


Dragon boat racing is a different betting market in comparison to sports disciplines that are much more popular like soccer and basketball. While it is not more popular than the aforementioned sports disciplines, you can still bag a win from this sports betting market. Make sure that you take advantage of the betting odds on dragon boat betting on the online casino Singapore site.