No matter where you are from when asked what the most popular sport in the world is, you’re most likely to answer football. That’s because it is a sport that has billions of fans around the world and even prestigious tournaments could rack up billions of spectators in just a single match.



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Popular football tournaments which include the likes of the Premier League (EPL) and even the World Cup, have certainly established a solid group of fans and sporting communities that makes it even more appealing than any other sport in the world.

Even sports betting companies are banking on this highly lucrative market. It’s not that surprising to find a bunch of bets and lines specifically for football fans across these sites.

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Sports betting sites in Singapore

Singapore Pools is certainly a term you've heard before when it comes to betting on athletic events in Singapore. The state-owned betting site offers both online and offline Singapore sports betting.

People who visit these pools should also review all of the accessible sports wagering sites before placing their initial bet. Bookmakers from around the world offer many benefits that their domestic counterparts do not. There are a wide variety of bookmakers to pick from, each with their own set of betting and banking options.

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But as mentioned, regardless of the online bookie, football is most certainly present given the fact of how massive the market for it is. EPL results and World Cup finals are just some of the most anticipated sporting events in the world of football. Of course, bookies with options are so much better in terms of flexibility.

For starters, Singapore Pools only accepts bets on football, motorsports, and horse racing. Foreign bookmakers, on the other hand, accept a much broader selection of sports than just these three. In many cases, the odds offered by these sites outside of Singapore are better than those offered in Singapore.

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Online sports betting regulations in Singapore

Gambling in Singapore is governed by a plethora of laws. In addition to the Betting Act and the Common Gaming Houses Act, both of which were drafted prior to the Internet's existence. In 2010, the Casino Control Act was revised by parliament, although no mention was made of online gaming or betting.

Because of this, we're in a unique position where Singapore sports betting online is a gray area. There's little doubt that placing a wager with an international bookmaker while on vacation is perfectly lawful. Is it allowed to utilize the same bookmaker's website if we do so? It's a gray area because our country's laws don't explicitly address this issue.

No one has ever been penalized or arrested for placing a wager on the internet in Singapore using a legitimate online bookmaker from another country.

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Why Singaporeans love football betting

For many people, football betting has turned out to be a lot of fun. Betting on the game or your favorite side in the competition is possible right here. You'll want to come back repeatedly because EPL results are always so exciting.

When the game begins, you have the option of placing a wager early on or waiting until the second half to do so.

As a bonus, betting generates more income, and we're all about making money. It's also been made easier by the rise of technology. The emergence of healthy competition among betting organizations has resulted in significant changes in the selection of sports, betting odds, lines, and markets in recent years.

Football betting has many advantages, the most obvious of which is that it provides a great deal of fun and excitement while also allowing you to earn some extra cash. Even reveals of EPL fixtures get a tremendous amount of buzz around when announced.

Singapore is one of several Asian countries that take sports betting very seriously and regard it as something more than simply a harmless diversion to the average person in the country.


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In spite of the fact that gambling laws in Singapore differ slightly from those in other nations, there are still a large number of options available to gamers, like EPL, Champions League, and World Cup 2022 predictions.

Many of the world's most popular and well-known online bookmakers are now accepting Singaporean consumers. A vast range of markets, odds, bonuses, and payment options are available to customers. As the appeal of football grows, so does the number of bookmakers.

That said, there’s no excuse for you not to check these online betting sites and place your bets right now! Since the EPL fixtures are finally out, why not start from there? Who knows? You might even be blessed with additional bonuses if you sign up and make your initial deposit straight away. Best of luck!


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