Are Online Slots Games in Singapore Safe And Secure To Play?

Slots in Singapore are almost non-existent due to the strict policies of the country when it comes to gambling. While lottery and horse-race betting is legal in the country, slots and other casino games are still under the radar.


In this betting guide, we will be discussing the methods to determine the safety and eligibility of online slots in Singapore. 

Seek a casino that has a license


First things first, before you browse the catalog of slot games to play, you need to be sure if the site that you are betting on is reputable enough to provide you with safe online games.


The best method to determine if a online slots singapore platform is reputable is to find proof of a license. The license to operate is an indicator that the games on the site are tested by a gambling authority and passed the safety and fairness standards. If you are looking for a reputable site in Singapore, hands down, it is Solarbet.

Look if the site has a reputable slot provider


Most people didn’t know that an online casino can’t create a slot game out of thin air! They must have partnered with a slot game developer that serves as their resource of slot game products. 

Although in some cases, the slot game provider also operates an online slots singapore site aside from designing casino games.


Indeed, all slot game providers are not the same and they have different styles and approaches to designing their products. The key is to find the best slot provider and look for a site that has game titles from the provider that you like. 

Assess if the game is aligned with fairness standards


This factor is related to our first item but this is important next to find a reputable casino. As we mentioned above, the slot games of a online slots singapore casino undergo testing from gaming test laboratories. 


The games are assessed if it has a random number generator, operates under robust software, and ensure that the games are not easy to tamper with.

Use a demo or F2P version first


One of the beauties of online slots singapore casino gaming nowadays is that most of them are aligning from what is trendy in the mainstream gaming industry. Before F2P was introduced in gambling games, it was already being used in mainstream games.


The main advantage of the demo version of games is that you can test the product yourself. From experiencing the game firsthand, you can tell yourself if the game has passed your standards.


Additionally, one of the benefits of demo games is that you can use them as an opportunity to practice your slot gaming skills. You will also determine exactly what you’re looking for in a slot game.  

Pick a game with high game metrics


Lastly, it is essential that you also look for a online slots singapore game that has a high game metrics. Game metrics such as house edge, return-to-play percentage, and volatility level are good determinants if a slot game title is high quality and profitable enough to provide you with amazing rewards.


If you are looking for a high quality game, the ideal numbers that you need to look for are a house edge of 5%, an RTP of at least 98%, and high or medium volatility.



Singapore is a huge betting market but it is not emphasized because of the established perception of most people about gambling. Now that you are aware of certain methods to know if online slot games are safe to play, you can now choose the best approach that will help you find the best slot game that is suitable to your tastes.


Find an online slots singapore game that passed your standards and win multiple rewards.


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