Octabet, a leading online casino based in Singapore, provides an exceptional online gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts from both Singapore and around the world. With generous incentives such as: our unbeatable first deposit bonuses, daily reload bonuses and exciting promos in collaboration with top-tier game providers, we ensure an unforgettable gaming experience for our players. Moreover, we cater to our multilingual player base with 24/7 customer support in multiple languages, demonstrating our commitment to providing an inclusive and comprehensive gaming service.


Octabet has established itself as a preeminent, licensed and trustworthy online gaming platform that primarily caters to Singaporean players but also extends its high-quality services to international players. Backed by an extensive portfolio of exceptional games from renowned providers worldwide, Octabet’s diverse offerings promise an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience on a variety of devices. This is facilitated by its cutting-edge, technologically advanced platform.

Octabet operates on a fundamental principle – delivering a gaming experience that is ‘Fast, Fun and Trustable’. This encapsulates their unwavering commitment to offering an engaging and secure platform where innovation thrives. They take special care to respect each player’s financial capacity while ensuring they’re supported by the highest level of customer service.


Octabet’s comprehensive gaming portfolio sets a high bar with its diverse and captivating selection. Their offering is enhanced by attractive promotions like a Welcome Bonus of up to 188% and SGD288 across multiple games.

OCTABET Sportsbook

The Sportsbook section of Octabet is particularly noteworthy due to its collaboration with three of Singapore’s top sportsbook providers: CMD368, M8BET and WBET. This partnership allows Octabet to offer a wide range of sports and leagues along with highly competitive odds, thereby offering something for every sports enthusiast.

OCTABET Live Casino

In its Live Casino section, Octabet teams up with industry leaders such as: Evolution Gaming, Dream Gaming, WM Casino, SA Gaming, Sexy Baccarat and more. The live format gives players an immersive experience and real-time interaction, enhancing transparency and offering a smooth gameplay experience reminiscent of traditional casinos.


For those who love slot games, Octabet serves as an exciting playground with its impressive selection of over 800 slot games. These games are sourced from some of the most respected providers in the industry, ensuring a diverse and quality experience for players.. This wide array ensures that players have a vast selection of games to choose from, keeping the gaming experience exciting and fresh.

OCTABET Fishing Game

The fishing game offers an enjoyable alternative for those seeking a unique gaming experience. With a variety of fishing rooms and different types of fish to hunt, players can enjoy this engaging game while earning rewards.


A major attraction at Octabet is the array of bonuses and promotions designed to welcome new players and reward returning ones.

OCTABET Welcome Bonuses

Octabet warmly welcomes new players with a range of bonuses, each tailored to different games. Players interested in the Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slots can take advantage of a 250% bonus, up to SGD5664.

OCTABET Crypto Bonus

Cryptocurrency users are not left out either. There is a special 10% bonus, up to SGD888, exclusively for those who prefer cryptocurrency transactions.

OCTABET Daily Reload Bonuses

Octabet understands the joy of gaming and thus offers a 25% daily reload bonus for Casino games, 35% reload bonus for Sportsbook and 30% for slots, ensuring the fun never ends.

OCTABET Winning Streak

Winning Streak Bonus: Octabet provides an exciting opportunity to test your luck and skill with their Baccarat and Sportsbook betting. Players can earn up to SGD588 in bonuses if they go on a winning streak, adding to the thrill of gaming.

OCTABET Limited Time Bonus

For a limited duration, Octabet is offering a 50% bonus on all games for three days. This is the perfect opportunity for players to maximize their gaming experience.


The VIP program at Octabet is a testament to the platform’s commitment to appreciate and reward the loyalty of its dedicated players. The program consists of five levels, each offering exclusive benefits and bonuses, such as: increased weekly rebates and special birthday bonuses, amongst other perks. The more players game on the platform, the higher they can rise in the VIP program, thereby unlocking a slew of additional rewards.


Understanding the paramount importance of efficient financial transactions in any online gaming platform, Octabet caters to various payment methods, facilitating the financial operations of its users. Traditional payment gateways and online banking options are provided for players who prefer conventional transaction methods. However, in a move aimed at embracing technological advancement, Octabet also supports transactions through cryptocurrencies.

This innovative option not only caters to tech-savvy players but also opens doors for enthusiasts who seek secure, decentralized transaction methods. The remarkable aspect of Octabet’s transaction process is the promptness of the procedure. All deposits and withdrawals are usually completed within a short span of 5 to 15 minutes, thereby reducing waiting times and ensuring a seamless gaming experience for users.


Octabet operates with a customer-centric approach. The online platform offers round-the-clock customer service, ensuring assistance and support at all times. Recognizing Singapore’s multilingual community, Octabet’s customer service extends to three languages, a feature designed to make the gaming experience as inclusive as possible. The dedicated support team can be reached through various channels such as: Live Chat, Social Platforms, email or direct phone calls. This allows the platform to address all queries and concerns promptly, providing efficient solutions to maintain a smooth and seamless gaming experience for the players.


Promoting a healthy gaming environment is at the heart of Octabet’s operations. The online platform is strongly committed to responsible gaming, incorporating mechanisms that help users manage their gambling habits. Tools such as: self-exclusion, time-outs and reality checks are available for players, allowing them to set limits on their gaming activities. These strategies underscore Octabet’s firm commitment to safeguarding players’ well-being. It’s a testament to their pledge in fostering a responsible gaming culture. At the heart of Octabet’s values lies the belief that a thrilling gaming experience should never come at the expense of player safety and well-being.


Octabet is a premium choice for Singaporean players and here’s why:

Fast and Secure Transactions

Octabet takes pride in providing swift and secure transactions. The platform ensures that all financial procedures, including: withdrawals and deposits, are typically processed within 5 to 15 minutes. This speed and security in transactions are a testament to Octabet ‘s commitment to providing an uninterrupted and worry-free gaming experience.

Unique Bonuses

Octabet offers an impressive range of unique bonuses and promotions. With specially tailored bonuses for different games and an exclusive Crypto Bonus for cryptocurrency users, the platform ensures to cater to various player preferences. The array of bonuses offered not only elevates the overall gaming experience but also creates chances for players to multiply their rewards.

Wide Game Selection

Octabet takes pride in showcasing a vast array of games, consistently updated to incorporate the freshest trends and favored player selections. This expansive game selection ensures a dynamic gaming experience, offering players an assortment of choices to keep their gaming adventure exciting.


Keeping pace with the evolving financial landscape, Octabet is a progressive online gaming platform that recognizes the importance of cryptocurrency. This platform offers transactions via crypto, catering to tech-savvy players by providing a secure, decentralized mode of payment.

Mobile Optimized

Octabet’s advanced platform is meticulously optimized for mobile usage. Its easy-to-use mobile interface guarantees that players can indulge in their favorite games on the move without sacrificing any features or functionalities.


Wrapping up, Octabet embodies the essence of a holistic and state-of-the-art online gaming platform. Our unwavering commitment to safety, customer contentment, a wide-ranging game selection and prompt transactions positions us as a favored choice amongst players in Singapore. Our substantial game portfolio, coupled with a generous bonus system, allows Octabet to lead the way in the online gaming sphere. Begin an unparalleled gaming journey with Octabet today!

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