Bang Bang Professional League S’pore Title

The RSG SG team of Singapore bagged the championship title at the Season 4 grand finals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Profesional League Singapore (MPL SG) on October 9. The defending champions were on the verge of losing their championship title as they win over opponent Slate Esports in a best-of-seven game but end up winning again.

RSG SG have won for the second time

The RSG SG found themselves undefeated in this campaign as they progress through the next rounds to reclaim their title. They kept their unbeatable record of 4-3 wins as they dominate the grand finals and eventually bag the MPL SG crown for the second time. 

The conclusion of the MPL SG finals also earned them a qualification slot at the M4 World Championship that is set to occur in Jakarta in January 2023 where the prize money is worth US$800,000 which is equivalent to SGD 1.15 million. Back up the team at the online betting Singapore site to win huge prizes.

When interviewed about their comeback, team captain Yeo “Diablo” Wee Lun, mentioned how they were not always focused on the results but instead, they are centered on the next match. 

He also stated that they were not thinking about being on a losing team but instead, they think that a new match serves as a fresh start. He also mentioned about they need to try their best to win in each match. 

Match analysis

The grand finals that were held at the Our Tampines Hub began in favor of Slate Esports as they won their first match. However, both teams saw themselves equally matched in several rounds where sometimes it is hard to determine which one is leading the game.

RSG SG claimed victory in the next two matches which granted them a 2-1 score. However, Slate got the upper hand when they turned the tables to a score of 3-2, but the former won the title and claimed SGD 100,000.

The 23-year-old Yeo believes that reclaiming their title was made difficult by Slate, considering their strong gameplay and amazing skills. During their first face-off in the upper bracket finals on October 8, Slate had produced a leading score of 2-1 before RSG SG finished with a 3-2 win.

Additionally, the MPL SG’s most valuable player stated that the game with Slate was a tight competition. Both teams have shown a good performance which is hard for fans to determine which one will win during that time. The result is a thrilling and spine-tingling game that is available for watching at online betting Singapore site.

The aftermath

The team will only take a short break before the team will prepare for the M4. According to coach Dolly “SaintDeLucaz” Van Pelo, they hope that the squad will win in the aforementioned tournament.

He stated that he was very proud of his team because they are highly disciplined and they showed their best to produce a good performance. He said that the championship title is very important to the team. 

Meanwhile, the coach of Slate, Daryl “Youngin” Ng stated that he is still proud of his team despite the loss to RSG SG. He said that they provided good competition considering the conclusion of the previous season. He also mentioned that RSG SG winning two consecutive times is not a coincidence, they think that their opponent is better than them.

He also mentioned that at some point in the game, they gave in to the pressure and lost track of their strategy. 

Final words

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Profesional League Singapore is an esports competition that were founded in 2017 as an avenue for esports players to showcase their skills to the world in the realm of global esports arena. 

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