Upon registration you were given $0.02 worth of Satoshi to try Bitsler out, but here comes the big bucks!

The Bitsler welcome bonus is our way of thanking you for joining the Bitsler family. With this promotion, you’ll be given a 100% match on your first deposit up to $700.

Divided into seven batches, you can unlock each one as your XP increases and follow your progress. Of course, how far you want to go is totally up to you!

Taken to the max, players joining and claiming our welcome offer can double a $700 deposit up to $1,400 of playable cash. That’s a lot more to have fun with, and a lot more opportunities to find the markets or games that you love.

  • The Welcome Bonus can be claimed only once per account
  • You need to deposit at least $20
  • You’ll get 100% bonus up to $700
  • Your bonus will be credited in 7 equal batches
  • To unlock every batch you have to collect XP by playing most of our games. You gain $1 every 200XP earned. How do I gain XP?
  • Unlocked batches of the bonus will be instantly credited on your balance
  • After the expiration date locked milestones will be lost
  • General Terms & Conditions apply
  • The welcome bonus will be valid for 30 days from the day of your 1st deposit

Register here to get your Welcome Bonus Chest and take the first step to unlocking your 100% match-up bonus, up to a maximum of $700.

This is the great new welcome offer from Bitsler Casino, and you don’t want to miss your chance to claim as many keys as you can to unlock your Chest.

The minimum deposit amount is $20, the maximum is $700, and your bonus is based on the percentage of your first deposit. Every time you reach a milestone, you will receive another key that unlocks more of your amazing bonus. Once you have collected all the keys, you have reached your full bonus amount.

You also get the luxury of doing this playing at Bitsler’s world-famous online Casino, on their extensive original slots and thrilling live table games.

So, what are you waiting for? Claim your Welcome Bonus Chest now!

Everything you need to know about the Bitsler welcome bonus

Our industry-leading welcome bonus at Bitsler serves as an excellent way for you to get started with your betting adventures! We offer a steady stream of small rewards as you continue to experience and experiment with our selection of awesome offerings, playing exciting games in a bid to open up your reward chests.

We aim to make the process as fast and fulfilling as possible for you, offering seven different small chunks of your bonus along the way instead of locking everything behind one big requirement. We at Bitsler understand full well how nice it is to get continuous rewards to show that you are a valued part of our community, and we have aimed to design a welcome bonus system that does just that for everyone, regardless of how big or small your initial deposit is, or whichever kind of cryptocurrency option you prefer at this time.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our first deposit welcome bonus for brand-new customers, and all that you need to know with regard to our VIP program.

How does the deposit deal and Bitsler welcome bonus work?

The moment you create your new account with Bitsler, you will immediately be presented with a lovely little purple welcome bonus chest, which will be added to your profile as soon as you long in. However, the chest is locked: to claim what’s inside, the next step is to make your first deposit with us!

The welcome bonus is an awesome offer, with a whopping 100% match of your initial deposit up to $700 – basically, doubling your money with us! The minimum deposit amount for the bonus is $20, less than a price of a dinner in a restaurant.

Making your first deposit is as easy as it can get, thanks to our industry-leading crypto solutions! We have recently upgraded our systems to let you with any of the popular cryptocurrencies into a single, unified wallet.

To track your progress with the welcome bonus, click on your username in the top right corner on the website and open up the “Welcome chest” tab in the VIP program. Here, you will see all the details and how you can unlock the next batch of your bonus, with a hand experience point tracker showing what else you require to get your next key.

Here’s a detailed example with calculations to make it easier for you to figure out the numbers behind our welcome bonus and how you can unlock your own reward chests along the way:

Let’s say you deposited 100 dollars with us: in this case, we’d match that amount with a welcome bonus offer for 100%, meaning a bonus of 100 dollars in total. This means that you will end up with 200 dollars to play with in total with just the one deposit, as long as you earn enough experience points along the way to receive all seven keys and therefore all the rewards in the chests!

Your bonus will be split into seven different installments of equal amounts of money. In this case, your individual bonus chests would each contain a total of 14.28 euros. For a 300 euro deposit amount, one installment would be three times as large: 42.84 in this case.

As mentioned above, you will need to earn experience points to ensure that you get all the keys required to open your bonus chests. Read on to find out how you can do so as you experience all the awesome features Bitsler has to offer!

How to earn experience points to unlock your bonus chests

We offer this bonus to ensure that you can get started with crypto betting knowing full well that there are multiple little support structures along the way to help you out. We also had the goal to showcase our wide variety of exciting games to you, offering different bonuses depending on which games you would be interested in playing.

Playing Baccarat and Dice will earn you 1 XP for every dollar you bet. Our other games (Twist, Keno, Flash Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Fruitsler Slots, Blast, Roulette, Crypto Thugs, Dicey 7’s, Boom, Cara Y Cruiz, Multicolor, HiLo, Video Poker, Chests and Mines) offer you 2 XP per $1. If you’d like to earn XP by betting on traditional sports or esports – both of which have extensive markets and huge selections here on Bitsler – you also earn 2 experience points for every dollar, as long as your wager is on something that has over 1.4 odds.

The experience points offered by the various games depend on the RTP (return to player, which is an industry term that means the average amount of money you will get back from the game over a long period of time.) of the game. For every dollar of your welcome bonus, you’ll need to collect two hundred experience points in total, meaning a chest with a 14.28 bonus from our previous example will require 2840 XP for you to get the key and to subsequently unlock it.

Once you’ve earned them, the bonuses are immediately credited to your account, no questions asked – you can use it to work towards your next unlock or even withdraw it and cash out whenever you would like to do so!

As you open up the chests and keep gaining XP, you will reach newer and newer levels, climbing from iron all the way to Diamond Legend, just like you would in your favorite video game. Beyond the dopamine rush, we also shower you with extra goodies along the way: there are bonus chests, rakebacks and other exciting rewards waiting for you as you go from level to level.

Five reasons to claim your Bitsler welcome bonus

There has never been a better time to get involved with sports betting

Betting on sports like football and the NFL has always been a huge part of the fan experience all around the world. We all get to cheer on our favorite teams and players but there are only a select few who get to have a direct stake in the outcome of the game.

Not many of us will end up as general managers at huge sports franchises or get to go out on the pitch to play on the big night. However, we can still experience the thrill of having something tangible riding on the action by placing a bet on the game, testing our nerves and our skills of prediction and analysis. It makes watching the match a much more emotional experience and it’s a great way to spice things up!

Nowadays, the emergence of digital-focused platforms like Bitsler offers unprecedented levels of flexibility and customization of your betting experience, no matter where you live. We’ve got the technology to offer a robust selection of markets for matches in every big league and sport, and you have the opportunity to directly use cryptocurrency to experience the fun activity of sports betting in a way that you have never been able to before!

The brave new world of esports is also here for you to experience

There’s also the exciting emergence of professional competitive video gaming, a phenomenon whose loud boom was heard all around the world during the pandemic times. Titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Rocket League, and many other now draw eyeballs comparable to the biggest traditional sporting events, and the biggest franchises in these games are now valued at the same insane levels as dynastic franchises in traditional sports.

The games may be different from traditional sports but the passion, the intensity and the excitement are just the same as what you’re already familiar with from other facets of competition. These youngsters are no basement dwellers, dedicating hundreds of hours to their craft each week, flying around the world and matching grueling schedules to make a name for themselves in a super-open field of games where everyone can knuckle down and make a run for the top leaderboard spots in a bid to kickstart their own esports gaming career. No wonder there are always fireworks and cheers at the biggest tournaments, where often life-changing amounts of money are on the line!

Our casino offerings are second to none

The thrilling experience of Bitsler’s world-famous online casino is unmatched by any other platform on the web. We offer a wide variety of fully original slots designs and a huge selection of thrilling live table games for you to check out and experience from the comfort of your home.

The welcome bonus at Bitsler is super friendly and generous

Not only do we offer a 100% top-up on your initial deposit, but we’ve also made sure that you get to enjoy a small chunk of your bonus as soon as possible by splitting the bonus amount into seven manageable batches instead of one humongous amount that will take longer for you to unlock. This means you can enjoy a portion of the rewards much sooner than you would elsewhere!

It’s basically free money for you!

It’s a bonus you can earn by doing what you would do anyway while perusing Bitsler – playing and enjoying our wide variety of games – since this is how you earn the welcome bonus in a seamless process in small and consistent chunks, each of which amounts to one-seventh of your total deposit. We enjoy your presence, and you get all the goodies – it is a win-win proposition for everyone!

Additional details about the Bitsler Welcome Bonus

That about covers the basics: however, you can also read and learn more about XP gain on Bitsler by checking out our detailed writeup, which covers everything you need to know about our special VIP program. Our random rewards are provably fair and we’re always aiming to up the ante: since we’re continuously looking to improve and upgrade the program as time goes along, be sure to check back regularly about potential new details and opportunities that are available to you!

Once you’ve completed your welcome bonus and the corresponding tasks, the tab on the profile interface related to this information will disappear. Don’t fret, though: we’ve always got exciting new things cooking, and it will eventually be replaced with another promotional offer, crafted specifically with you in mind to ensure that it is relevant and rewarding to you!

When it comes to Bitsler’s welcome bonus offering, general terms apply, and the bonus is only valid for those who are just making their first deposit with us. It can only be claimed once per user account. To unlock your full welcome bonus, you will need to unlock all batches in 30 days, after which time the promotion expires. For a more detailed breakdown of the specifics and the legalities, be sure to take a look at our general terms and conditions. Bitsler reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any stage.

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