How to Play Blackjack: Learn the Basics

For those players who want a game of full thrill and excitement, all in one — blackjack is the perfect choice. After all, it wouldn’t be considered one of the most-played casino games in the world for no other reason. 

So for you to enjoy the fun for yourself, here is the perfect blackjack guide on how to play blackjack in the best gaming platform ever, Solarbet Online Casino

What are the Basic Rules of Blackjack?

To start your guide and explore the excitement of real money blackjack, you must first understand the basic rules of the game. In blackjack, the objective is to obtain a total point in your hand that is more than the dealer’s, but less than 21.

If the result you obtain is higher than that of the dealer’s non-busted hand, or the dealer goes beyond 21, you win. However, obtaining a two-card total of 21 points is natural, and you immediately win; the dealer can only beat this hand through a tie, also known as a push.

Every card is worth a face number, except for face cards, namely Jack, Queen, and King, which always have a value of 10. Aces can be either 1 point or 11 – whichever is better for the hand. In the beginning, 2 of your cards are dealt face-up in addition to one face-up dealer card. 

The extra cards can be taken or more can be abandoned with the idea of not exceeding 21 points. A basic strategy chart can be found online and can greatly help. When all players are done playing, the dealer uses predetermined rules to play the hand.

How to Win at Blackjack?

It is already given that aside from enjoying the game, winning is also a goal. However, you can’t just win by simply knowing the basics of the game, you must know the basic blackjack strategy and most importantly play on a reliable website. 

Since you are playing online, there are a plethora of gaming platforms that you can choose from, however, somehow it can also be a problem. Some casinos have too-good-to-be-true features that many players fall into. 

Do not let the same thing happen to you. The right platform is right in front of you! Opt for Trusted Online Casino Solarbet which delivers an experience that can equate the beauty of your favorite online casino game.

Strategy to Ace Your Blackjack Game

When playing blackjack, there are various strategies that you can employ to win and enjoy the game even more. Although they can’t hundred percent guarantee your winning, they can enormously impact your chances of winning, especially on platforms like Solarbet

  • Split Aces 8
  • Double down on 11
  • Avoid splitting 10s
  • Analyze the game before actually playing
  • Start betting small
  • Calculate the risk in every game
  • Minimize the house edge
  • Opt for a lesser deck

Final Words

Blackjack is truly a game not to be missed, regardless if you’re a pro or a beginner. Although it might be a bit complex at first, when luck is on your side with the addition of the right tactical strategy, winning can refine your gaming experience. 

With your newfound knowledge of how to play blackjack, you can now start the actual fun. Join the growing community of Solarbet Trusted Online Casino and experience their offering of endless entertainment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the blackjack gaming options to consider?

If you ever found yourself playing blackjack, here are the following options you can consider:

  • Stand
  • Hit
  • Split
  • Double Down
  • Insurance
  • Surrender

What is the goal of blackjack?

The main goal of blackjack is to have a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer without exceeding it.

Can I play blackjack live?

Yes, playing online doesn’t hinder your chance to play blackjack in real time. Platforms like Solarbet Trusted Casino Online can give you a blackjack experience as if you’re in an actual casino.

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