Football Betting: Know Your Bet

Every time sports betting is mentioned, chances are football is the first sport that comes to mind, especially in countries like Singapore. This is similar to when the best gaming platform is mentioned, Betvision Singapore is an online casino many could think of. 

And it is completely understandable since aside from the fact it is the most popular sport in the world, the nature that football gives is truly captivating. Aside from the game itself, it also includes various betting types that could make the game even more exciting. 

Even though you might already be familiar with its type, it wouldn’t hurt to delve into it much deeper. So let’s stop with further introduction and get right into it! 

Live Betting

Live betting is surely the best option if you don’t just want to win but also experience your much-awaited football game unfolding in front of you! So if you want an exciting and thrilling match with dynamic odds this is undoubtedly the best type of bet to opt for. 

Most especially, if you are playing Betvision Trusted Online Casino in Singapore, with its overall feature it will surely leave players nothing more to ask!

Correct Score

As simple as the name implies, it refers to predicting the final score at the end of the tournament. Generally, its odds are higher but have relatively low chances of winning. 

For instance, in a game between Manchester City and Nottingham Forest, you wager on 3-2 scores respectively. If the City does win against Forest with a final score of 3-2 then you win, but if the final score doesn’t match your betted score like 3-1 or 3-0, then you will also lose.

Match Betting

As for the third type of football bet, it is considered the go-to option of many bettors playing on the finest gaming platform like Betvision Online Casino. It is a straightforward game where you will simply bet on what would be the outcome of the bet. 

Just take this as an example: in a match between Everton and Fulham, let’s say that you bet on Everton. For you to win your bet, they also need first to win the game. If they either lose or end the game with a draw, regardless of that you still lose. 

Total Goals (Under/Over)

Quite similar to the correct score, this betting type also depends on the score of the game, except that it is not specific. You have two options that you can refer to: under/over. It is a known gaming betting option among bettors as you only have two options which statistically speaking can give you a much higher chance of winning. 

Asian Handicap Betting

Let’s now move to another popular football betting type — Asian handicap. The idea behind this is pretty simple: a handicap is given to teams where you will place your bet. It evens the odds between strong and weak teams. 

It makes the bet more exciting and has a better payout by eliminating the draw and forces players to pick a winner not based on the ability of each but rather on the handicap given to each team. 

Experience the Best Football Betting Ever!

If these various types of football betting make you want to start your gaming journey, wait until you find the perfect platform where all your gaming dreaming experiences can become a reality. A sport that can heighten your excitement and a chance of winning an appealing amount of money can even become much and much better. 

Visit Betvision Trusted Online Casino in Singapore and play at the most reputable online casino that can satisfy your gaming cravings every day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most common type of football bet?

The most common type of football bet is match odds, which allows you to bet on which team will win or whether a draw result will happen.

How do I choose a football bet?

To help you choose a football bet, here are the following tips:

  • Understand how football betting works
  • Learn about the different types of football bets to choose from
  • Find a reputable platform

Is it important to choose a reliable online casino?

Absolutely! If you are not playing in a reputable platform like Singapore’s Betvision regardless of whether you know the ins and outs of the game and choose the best type of bet in a specific match, that doesn’t really matter. You might get scammed at the end. 

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