Top 10 Richest Casino Gamblers in the World

Some gamblers have more talent than others, but everyone needs a little bit of luck. Playing poker or other gambling games for enjoyment at social events and Singapore online casino sites is a popular recreational activity.

But there are a select few who truly thrive at the game, and who may become instant millionaires while playing for big stakes and huge pots. The best gamblers in the world are profiled in this article.

David Walsh: $200 Million

During his time at the University of Tasmania, David Walsh developed a passion for gambling. Later on, he developed software to predict the outcomes of horse races, and it quickly became an indispensable resource for gambling syndicates. Walsh, who possessed great analytical skills, was responsible for all the quantitative computations for the syndicate.

Dan Bilzerian: $200 Million

Dan Bilzerian has a reputation for betting on poker games behind closed doors rather than at public tables. His poker resume is short, but it does include a 180th-place finish in the 2009 World Series of Poker.

According to Bilzerian, he has won up to $50 million in a single night playing high-stakes clandestine poker games. There’s no way to know for sure, but some seasoned gamblers think it’s possible, considering Bilzerian’s propensity to only play against extremely affluent people he believes he can beat.

Billy Walters: $250 Million

Billy Walters is one of the most famous gamblers in history, and for good reason: his winning run spans three decades. He ran a better service out of Kentucky, but he pleaded guilty to having gambling records and had them expunged from his record.

Zeljko Ranogajec: $439 Million

The “Joker” of the gambling industry, Zeljko Ranogajec, amassed a huge fortune through blackjack, keno, and sports betting. Ranogajec, who was gifted in mathematics and had extensive experience in banking, finance, and taxes, worked as a dealer at a casino for years before becoming a master card counter.

Alan Woods: $500 Million

After being barred from the casinos in Las Vegas, Alan Woods began betting on horse races in Hong Kong. Woods’s model became equally wealthy as any other millionaire once he reached rock bottom. Woods, though, was forced to escape to the Philippines while the authorities probed his betting syndicate.

Andrew Black: $670 Million

London-based entrepreneur Andrew Black is one of the rare people to become wealthy through gaming. Black was a math prodigy in college but never finished his degree. After his brother died, he found success in the gambling industry and left his job at a London derivatives firm.

Edward Thorp: $800 Million

Known as the “Father of Card Counting,” Edward Thorp made his fortune mostly at the blackjack and baccarat tables, where he displayed extraordinary betting skills. In the 1960s, Thorp collaborated with Claude Shannon to create the first wearable computer, and he taught mathematics at a number of major colleges.

Bill Benter: $1 Billion

Bill Benter’s success at blackjack and horse racing betting enabled him to become the first person in history to amass a billion dollars. He refined his skills in these areas while earning a physics degree from Penn. He was so good at blackjack that he eventually received a suspension from the main casinos in Las Vegas.

Tony Bloom: $1.5 Billion

Tony studied mathematics at the University of Manchester and now plays poker for recreation. His poker hobby has netted him almost $2.5 million. He has also been a final table participant in significant tournaments such as the World Poker Tour and Poker Million IX.

Kerry Packer: $5 Billion

Many would rather remember Kerry Packer as the world’s wealthiest gambler than Australia’s richest man. He has earned a reputation as a high-stakes gambler because of his massive wagers. Kerry both lost and received a substantial sum of money as a result of the transaction. In May of 1995, he went on an incredible winning streak, winning $20 million while playing multiple hands of blackjack at once.


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