Understanding Horse Race Betting Type: Get Closer to Your Next Win

As any player would say, horse racing offers an immeasurable excitement every time the horse makes it run, especially when it comes close to the finish line. But before you can truly enjoy this sport, you might want to have a deeper knowledge of the various types of bets that you can place. Or else, it defeats your goal of enjoying and winning because you don’t know the ideal bet to have. 

Let’s not make that a reality, shall we? Here are the various horse racing bet types that you might want to opt for. Much better is that we will show you how Wclub Online Casino might be the perfect platform to have thrilling gameplay ever!

Basic Bet

If you want to learn the most profitable bet in horse racing, it would be better if you start with the most basic ones. 

Win Bet

Win bet is the most common and simple type of betting option. You simply choose the horse that you believe will finish the race first. 

The excitement comes from following the horse you supported throughout the race and eventually seeing it achieve victory. Usually, each of these bets starts at $1, but that may vary depending on your betting service, and the maximum allowed bet depends on your betting service.

Place Bet

You’re simply selecting a horse to win a spot on the podium in first, second, or third place. It is popular since it is more likely to win than a straight-win wager. 

However, there’s a limit: the place wagers can only be paid if the race includes more than eight horses, and the payout is frequently much lower than a winning bet.

Each Way

In simpler terms, an each-way bet enables you to split your wager equally on two types of bets: win and place. 

If you get it right, you will win a percentage of the win and place a dividend. However, if it finishes only second or third, you will receive your money back from the “place bet”.

Pool Bet

Now that you have an idea about the three most basic types of horse racing, we can move to pool bets that allow you to combine everyone’s wager on a specific outcome in a single pool. So the next time you play at Wclub Casino Singapore you can have a much better option to consider.

Palace Pool Bet

If you are unsure about whether the chosen horse is going to be the winner, but you are confident in a good performance, this bet is right for you. You will need your horse to finish either first or second, which will not make you as much as a winning bet but still bring some money.

Exacta Bet

This type of bet might be a bit difficult compared to others since it requires you to pick in the correct order the first two horses that will finish the race first.


In Placepot, one must select horses to “place” in the first 6 races. Place means to finish within the 2nd or 3rd position. The opportunity to select an additional horse per race provides many combinations to one’s bet. 


Jackpot, on the other hand, is the prediction of the outright winner of all first 6 races. One can select varied combinations, but the criterion is the winner for all the races.

Complex Bet

Aside from the following betting types, you can also consider other betting types that although a bit complex can give you a greater result as long as you choose to play on a reliable platform like Wclub Trusted Online Casino in Singapore

  • Quinella
  • Duet
  • Trifecta
  • First 4
  • Daily Double
  • Running Double
  • Treble 
  • All Up
  • Trixie
  • Patent
  •  Lucky 15
  • Yankee
  • Forecast
  • Tierce
  • Quartet
  • Flexi-Quartet

Get in on the Race!

Be prepared to bet on horse racing now and put all of these betting types to the test. Experience a new height of sports betting, and your chance to win money in the most exciting way. With these different types of bets to choose from, it will surely satisfy your gaming cravings!

Ready for your race to victory? Play at  Wclub Trusted Online Casino and get an exhilarating world of horse racing now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most common type of bet?

The most common type is win bet where you will simply wager on which horse will finish the race first. 

How can I predict a winning horse?

Although there is no definite answer on how you can surely win in a horse betting race, there is a way for you to predict a winning horse, simply by looking at the reading form. This allows you to learn the recent performance of the horse which will give you a pretty good idea of how well they will play in the race.

Can I bet on horse races?

Absolutely! Now, you will not only be a watcher who gets to enjoy the fun of horse racing but also a bettor who gets to win and experience the real fun of horse racing. 

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