A Closer Look into the World of Horse Racing

Before car and even motorcycle racing all started, horse racing was the much-awaited form of racing that was loved by many, including bettors. With the kind of thrill and excitement it gives, it is not even a question why it is still one of the top sports betting options in the finest gaming platform, most notably 12Play Online Casino Singapore

If you want to add new to your sports betting experience, then perhaps horse racing might be the missing puzzle you are looking for to have epic gameplay. If so, then let’s start right away and uncover the realm of horse racing!

How Does Horse Racing Work?

To have a better understanding of horse racing let’s focus on its main objective. Basically, its goal is to be the first one to finish the race. The jockey must be at the top of their game, relying on the perfect blend of expertise and strategic instinct. The horse, on the other hand, must be equally powerful, its strength reinforced by endurance and stamina.

Despite the variety in styles and forms of competition, horse racing can generally be split into two distinct categories: flat racing and jump racing. The former is the “easier” option in the sense that horses race freely around a straight or oval course. In contrast, jump racing requires both the horse and the rider to face an additional challenge. Horses need to traverse a course that is full of hurdles or fences, which enhances the complexity and thrill of the competition.

Now, you can have a more fun horse racing experience as it is possible to bet on one, especially if you play on a platform like 12Play Casino Online. 

Horse Racing Rules

Like any other, horse racing follows a set of guidelines to ensure a fair competition. All races have a starting point, and participants may be required to start from stalls, gates, or a flag start. While the horse is the one who is running, the jockey must efficiently ride the horse and navigate any obstacle if there’s any.  

The first one who crosses the finish line will be the considered winner along with prize money that is usually awarded to the top three finishers. But remember that players in the race aren’t the only ones that have a chance to win in horse racing, even you have the chance as long as you play on a reliable platform, 12Play Trusted Online Casino 2024.

Horse Racing: Types of Bet to Consider

While it is true that horse racing is great and all, playing it can be a bit more complex than it might seem. Aside from knowing how it works, and the rules it has, you must also be familiar with the most profitable bet to consider. 

Straight bet

Straight bets are one of the simplest and most popular ways to wager horse races. It means betting on a single outcome of a specific horse race. You will win if your chosen horse wins the race, but if not then you lose. 

Exotic bets 

Exotic bets can be divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical bets. Horizontal bet simply means predicting the winner of each subsequent race before the race starts on a sequence for you to win. While vertical bet means that you must predict correctly the in which the race will finish. 

Boxing Exotic bet

This type of bet increases the chance of players winning as it doesn’t require the horse to finish first, second, or third place, as long as they finish within the top positions, the player can win. 


In this betting option, the player wins if two selected horses come in first or second place in all cases, without taking into account standing order.

Final Words

Horse racing is a game that fuels the excitement that sports betting has. It offers a dynamic form of wagering, regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro, you will surely have the thrill of horse racing gameplay. 

Does the thought of it excite you? If so, to experience the epicenter of horse racing, you might want to visit 12Play Online Casino to make your dream a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At what age does a horse start to race?

Horses start participating in a race at the age of two or three years old. Generally, they can still race until four or five years old, but it still may vary per horse. 

Does horse racing have a scoring system?

No, unlike any other sports like football and basketball that you can bet on Singapore’s 12Play Online Casino, horse racing doesn’t have a scoring system. The horse that reaches the line of victory first will be considered the winner. 

Is horse racing considered as a sport?

Yes, it is considered an equestrian sport that involves a jockey riding a horse over a set distance in a competitive manner. 

Can I bet in horse racing?

Absolutely! You don’t only have the chance to watch and enjoy every horse racing game, betting on them is also possible in 12Play Casino or other bookmakers in general. 

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