Using Statistics When Betting on Football

Have you ever looked at the betting markets and had no idea where to start? When determining wagering odds, bookmakers routinely consult extensive statistical databases covering the various sports they provide. Not all statistics are created equal when it comes to gambling.

Many gamblers use statistics to inform their wagers in markets such as the total goals, corners, and cards. While knowing the odds is no guarantee of victory, it does boost your chances of outsmarting the bookmaker.

What is using statistics for in football betting?

While it’s not something any bettor hopes for, luck is a huge component of the gambling process at football betting sites in Singapore. With the help of statistics, you may significantly improve your betting game and increase your odds of beating the bookie.

Some people claim they don’t put much stock in statistics when making sports bets, but when you look closer, you’ll see that even they’re using a ton of numbers to make decisions.

Statistics are available in a variety of places because of the proliferation of digital media. However, access to a resource and knowing how to put it to good use are two very different things. To make the most of the data at your disposal, it is crucial to understand how to apply the use of various statistics to specific markets.

Applying statistics when betting

Those who wager for a living and those who bet casually can both benefit from studying the numbers. Basic statistics, such as a team’s league standing, form, or results from prior matches, are available to amateur gamblers. However, a more advanced collection of statistics exists and can be applied to your bets.

It could be the number of corners taken by a team or the number of goals scored in the first half. You should create your own betting model if you take gambling seriously and rely heavily on statistical analysis. An entirely statistical betting model created in a spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel.

League Position

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to hedge your wager, you should look first at the team’s current league position. When a campaign is just starting out, it is not worthwhile to take this step. In the early stages of a league season, it is not unusual for underdogs to surge to the top of the standings.

Recent Form

For instance, a more in-depth understanding of a team’s current performance can be gained by looking at whether they have won, lost, or drawn their last six games. In addition to merely labeling the tables with W, L, or D, sports betting companies also use color coding to clearly display form.

Goal Averages

Examining goal data in football betting is crucial for understanding a team’s defensive or offensive prowess and weaknesses. Similarly, useful information is if a given matchup is traditionally a high-scoring affair or a defensive slugfest.

Expected Goals

Over the past five years, football has seen rapid development in the analytical aspects of the game, bringing with it more complex statistics, some of which are divisive but worthy of your attention. Regardless of how you feel about it, you can now expect to see it listed among more mainstream statistics like possession, fouls, etc.

Are there any disadvantages to using statistics on football betting?

Using statistics to your advantage before placing a bet might increase your chances of winning and lessen the edge bookmakers have over you. However, it’s not always a good idea to wager based just on numbers.

No matter the sport, there are more variables than just past results to consider when placing a wager. Before taking a wager, you should have taken into account a number of things, not only the statistics. Do you know what bet you’ll never regret placing? That’s the football bets you can place at football betting sites Singapore right now.

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