What a TOTO Winner Spent His Jackpot On?

Winning the lucrative Toto lottery is one of the things many people would consider as a pipe dream. However, we all know that it is possible and there are a myriad of ways to beat the odds in the lottery. 

Let’s assume that you have recently won the lottery, where would you spend the money? Here is the list of things that most Toto Singapore winners would spend their jackpot prize on.

Sports Car

Sports cars are the typical object that comes to mind of most lottery and casino gambling winners when they win a game. It is also one of the luxurious purchases anyone could have.

The reason why most people would think of buying a luxury car first when they won the lottery is because these cars are also status symbols. It is human nature to flaunt their possessions and achievements. Buying a luxury car indicates a projection of a sudden change of one’s status in the society. 


Just like luxury cars, boats and yachts are also status symbols. They exude an exalted position in the society and a totem of luxurious lifestyles. 

Additionally, yachts are the preferred mode of transportation of the rich and famous individuals. Along with private jets, these modes of transportation have developed into symbols of exclusivity and wealth.

House and Lot

For more practical people, purchasing a house and lot is a much preferred option to spend their lottery winnings. Buying and owning a piece of real estate property is one of the dreams of working-class individuals who are spending their salaries on rent. Purchasing a piece of property or building a dream home is one of the common expenses in the lottery. 


People who won the 4D lottery sometimes spend their money on buying gadgets and other electronics. People who are obsessed with technologies such as photographers and video game enthusiasts would prefer to spend their winnings on expensive gadgets rather than cars or boats.

International Travel

According to a study, millennials are the ones who are more likely to spend their money on world travel than other generations. Sometimes they opt to choose experiential pursuits rather than owning a possession. Millennial lottery winners are probably to spend their winnings on international travel.

Plastic Surgery

It is one of the things that most people would spend their money on when they win the lottery. People with insecurities about their body or face are plausible to spend their winnings on plastic surgery. In a less extreme way, some people would prefer a makeover than a plastic surgery but the idea is basically the same.


People who are generous in nature are most likely to spend their winnings in donating or starting a charity. Commonly, people who are already rich are the ones who will possibly do this. 


It is no surprise that people who have won the lottery would spend their jackpot prize on playing any gambling game. Sometimes, winning the lottery is addictive, this is why most people would spend their lottery winnings in buying more tickets or spending the day at a local casino. Also, people who have won the lottery have a mentality that “luck is on their side” so they want to prove that to themselves. 


Toto is the most lucrative lottery in Singapore and it all makes sense why people would line up everyday at a Singapore Pools outlet. Winning the lottery is one of the best feelings ever, this is why most people would prefer to spend their bucks on testing their luck. 

Now that you know the common things that most people would spend their money on when they win Toto, you can choose one for yourself. 

Felix Wells

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