Which Team Has the Best Odds of Winning the 2022 World Cup?

Bookmakers are now gearing towards the FIFA World Cup in Qatar this year. There are plenty of reasons why the main focus of the betting odds is the prestigious event and one of them is that the influence of the teams involved is intertwined with national pride and association.

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On paper, all of the qualified teams in the World Cup have the chance of winning the event but if we take a look at the strength of each team, some groups do stand out. Place your wager now in advance and get the chance to win huge payouts!

What country will win the World Cup 2022?

If we take a look at the world rankings of the FIFA World Cup, a few countries did well enough in the qualifying matches in their respective federations which also granted them merit in having a  chance to win the title. 

On the top five of the list are the nations of Brazil, England, France, Argentina, and Spain. However, if we take a look at the overall standings, the team that will most likely win the World Cup in France. 

France has 6/1 betting odds in World Cup 2022 on the betting site and bettors can place their bets in advance to guarantee a lucrative win.

Will Qatar take the trophy?

Qatar was given the huge opportunity to host the 2022 World Cup. As a result, the country has prepared immensely so that the upcoming event will be as perfect and grand as possible by international standards. 

Although, despite the privilege of being automatically qualified to join the pantheon of nations that will participate in the World Cup, the Qatari team has a weak form which is not enough to get them through the group stage. However, despite having low betting odds in World Cup 2022 of winning the event, the hosting privilege will increase their status in world football.

Will France take the trophy again?

France is the defending champions of the World Cup, having been the title holder in the 2018 edition when they defeated Croatia in the finals. As a result, they are the favorite team to win the 2022 World Cup along with attractive betting odds in World Cup 2022.

Les Bleus has Kylian Mbappe leading the group and he is supported by his teammate, Karim Benzema. Both players are instrumental in the successful season of France in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

Additionally, France has filled all of its positions with stellar talents. As a result, the whole team is complete in terms of strength in manpower. These reasons alone are enough to declare that France could replicate their 2018 World Cup victory. 

Based on statistics, is Brazil will most likely take the trophy this year?

Brazilians are known for their fiery passion for football and all things about the sport. Football was so ingrained in their culture that even their little boys dreamed of becoming professional football players someday.

According to the facts, Brazil is the most successful team in the World Cup, having won the title five times. The Selecao have been known for their unbeatable strategies and powerful attacks on the field. Additionally, some of the football players in the world who have achieved legendary statuses such as Pele and Ronaldinho have played in the Brazilian team.

It seems like the statistics never lie as the latest surveys have concluded that Brazil will most likely win the 2022 World Cup. According to the statistics, Brazil has a 35% chance of defeating their rival Germany in the finals. The betting odds in World Cup 2022 for the Selecao will be a clear testimony of the strength of the team

The 2022 World Cup is filled with prolific forces that will surely clash against each other when the World Cup begins. Names such as France, England, Germany, Spain, and Brazil are on the top of the list. Although, it is expected that France will emulate their 2018 victory in the 2022 edition.

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