English Premier League Betting Trends for the Initial Fixtures

There are only a few months left until the FIFA World Cup 2022, and virtually every fan is completely unable to contain their excitement about what is to come.

The head-to-head matchups in the group stage are all set, even though there have been a lot of assertions made about who clubs might possibly be in the best possible position to move on to the knockout rounds.

In this article, we get to talk about some of the betting trends regarding the latest EPL fixtures that have just been announced.

What date are the Premier League EPL fixtures announced?

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, at 4AM, the latest EPL fixtures for the upcoming season were released. The 2022-23 season begins on Saturday, August 6, 2022. Since Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup in November/December, the Premier League will begin sooner than usual.

Defending champions Manchester City will begin their title defense against West Ham at London Stadium. Manchester City had a lot riding on their ability to maintain the momentum they gained from their back-to-back titles.

After the EPL’s Match round 16, which concludes on November 13th, it will take a hiatus due to the World Cup break in 2022. The Premier League season will resume on December 26 following the conclusion of the World Cup on December 18. Sunday, May 28, 2023, will mark the season’s final day.

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How are this season’s EPL fixtures different from the previous seasons?

Premier League fans and players alike can now look forward to an action-packed season in seven weeks’ time.

Liverpool and Manchester City are likely to be neck-and-neck in the Premier League next season after the latter won the title the year before.

When it comes to the championship, most people expect the “Big Six” to be in the mix, but that seems to shift as the season progresses. In any case, fans should expect another fascinating season despite a lot of distinct changes in the lineup and EPL fixtures this year.

How will EPL fixtures play out in the 2022-23 season?

To meet the World Cup break, the league season will begin one week earlier than usual. There would be a total of 16 days of games before the players take a little break for the World Cup, which begins on June 14.

There will be a six-week pause in the Premier League’s 2022-23 season to allow the World Cup in 2022. Considering that the deadline for international service has been set for November 14, the mid-season break will be a bit longer than six weeks.

If we were to make some bold predictions, it is kind of safe to assume that Man City and Liverpool are the big hitters of this season based on how the competition has gone recently. The two teams will clash in the Community Shield even before the whole campaign starts on October 15 according to the EPL fixtures.

Will we see some changes in the EPL fixtures?

As mentioned previously, there’s no guarantee that the EPL fixtures will ever be a “fixed” one as changes could still be made if necessary. Factors such as cancellations, injuries, or bad weather conditions are just some of the most common reasons why matches need to be moved or adjusted.

The Premier League has announced the games that will be televised in August and September, and several of those games will include Manchester United.

United’s first competitive game under new manager Erik ten Hag against Brighton has already been scheduled for Sunday, August 7; the following six games will be shown live as well.

There will still be a Brentford away game on Saturday, August 13, however, the kick-off time has been moved to 5:30PM. It’s no shock that the team’s next game, a preseason showdown with fierce rivals Liverpool, has been moved up in time to be shown on television. As a result, the game has been rescheduled for Monday, August 22, at 8PM.

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