Online Sports Betting in Singapore 2022

A large number of people in Singapore regularly visit online sportsbooks due to the exponential rise in popularity of this pastime over the past decade. Only the state-run Singapore Pools, which offers betting on football and horse racing, is allowed to operate in Singapore, making online sports betting banned there.


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There is a slight chance of losing money when betting online from Singapore, but punters should take advantage of the many companies that are willing to accept their business.

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Find the best online betting Singapore site for sports

Bets placed online over the past ten years have seen Singapore’s popularity skyrocket, and now millions of its residents choose to play rather than work. The government of Singapore implemented gambling legislation for the first time in 2014, replacing an earlier lack of control.

In response to growing concerns about problem gambling and the urgent need for regulation, Congress passed the Remote Gambling Act in 2006. In 2016, the Remote Gambling Act was passed, making it legal for Singaporeans to gamble at places like Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf club.

However, a variety of sportsbooks with legitimate gambling licenses are now accepting Singaporean customers. The number of Singaporean websites offering online betting Singapore and other casino games is growing rapidly, so punters need to take their time picking where to place their wagers.

The best Singaporean online sports betting companies do more than guarantee anonymity for their bettors by providing a safe and secure gaming environment.

What do online betting Singapore odds offer?

In order to begin placing wagers on sporting events, the first step is to choose a trustworthy offshore sportsbook that welcomes Singaporean players. The next step, after deciding on a reliable site, is to register for an account and fund it.

The next challenge is locating reliable information about the finest Singapore betting odds. The best odds for sports wagers made in an internet environment are typically found at offshore sportsbooks. Better odds can be found on these sites than at land-based bookies or the Singapore Pools website.

For one, they don’t have to comply with the same rules and taxes as land-based casinos. Bet only at reputable, legally operating offshore sportsbooks. You may be asking, now that you know the basics of online sports betting in Singapore, where exactly you should be placing your wagers?

When thinking of online betting Singapore sportsbooks, Solarbet is often mentioned. Not only do they offer some of the best odds on wagers in Singapore, but they cover a wide range of sports and the most important games in each.

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Which sports do Singaporeans like to bet on?

In terms of participation and popularity, football (also known as soccer) is the most popular sport worldwide. Sports bets should initially be placed on the NFL.

Football betting is so widespread among Singaporean football enthusiasts that when you mention sports betting, most people will automatically assume you mean betting on football. Visit any bar or sports bar before a big game and you’re sure to overhear people betting on who they think will open the scoring.

The post-game discussion of losing wagers is also popular. Millions of online betting Singapore fans often make the effort to travel great distances in order to cheer for their teams, while many others hope for an early dismissal from work so that they can watch the games at home.

Online Betting Singapore: Betting Laws

There is a wide range of penalties for illegal remote gaming in Singapore. The maximum sentence for a violation is five years in prison and/or a fine of SGD 20,000 or more. It is also forbidden to facilitate online gambling in any way.

Since gambling by minors is illegal in Singapore, the consequences of doing so are light. However, the penalties for gambling agents in Singapore are much harsher than those for illicit online casino singapore activities.

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