How Qatar Won the Right to Host the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

In the past, most of the host countries of the World Cup were humongous nations such as Brazil and Russia. Meanwhile, it is often baffling why Qatar, a minuscule country; is given the hosting privileges for a huge sporting event like the World Cup.


There are various reasons why Qatar have won the bidding process to host the upcoming World Cup but we will only be covering a few significant ones.

Why is Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup?


For starters, Qatar is a small country in the Middle-Eastern region of Asia. Bearing a total area of 12,000 square kilometers, it is one of the smallest countries in the world like Singapore and Monaco. This is one of the main reasons why Qatar was granted hosting duties, which is to put all of the matches in a single accessible location. 


In fact, Qatar has spent billions to build an eco-city from scratch to serve as a venue for the upcoming World Cup. The stadiums in Lusail City will hold the matches in the tournament and Qatar has provided a shuttle service and other modes of transport within the city to allow players and fans to watch multiple matches in one day and place a wager on online betting odds World Cup 2022.


Another possible reason why FIFA chose Qatar as the host nation is because of the wealth and influence of the country. Qatar is a rich country that relies on the economy of natural gas resources. The ability of Qatar to fund the World Cup event has been astounding considering that they built Lusail from scratch.

Is Qatar still hosting the 2022 World Cup?


Ever since Qatar won the bidding process to host the tournament, the decision of FIFA was mired with controversies. As a result, several groups have been boycotting the event, urging FIFA to recall their decision. 


One of the controversies has emerged is the claim that the government of Qatar is committing human rights violations by treating the workers of the infrastructures that will be used in the events unfairly. 


Additionally, the lack of existing sport-related infrastructures within the country have made fans doubt the capability of the Gulf nation to host the quadrennial event. 


Despite these controversies, Qatar remains the host nation of the 2022 World Cup. In fact several online betting odds World Cup 2022 from various sportsbooks were already laid for the event.

When did Qatar host the World Cup?


Ten years ago, FIFA officially announced that Qatar will be hosting the 2022 World Cup. Since then, Qatar has proven that they are more than capable of hosting the tournament with their newly-built infrastructures and successful promotional campaign.


The 2022 World Cup will begin on November 20 with the opening match of Qatar against Ecuador which will kick-off the tournament and has online betting odds World Cup 2022 on several bookies. Meanwhile, the event will close on December 18 following the conclusion of the competition at Lusail Stadium.

Does FIFA pay the host country?


The World Cup is the most expensive football tournament in the world because it involves 32 countries competing to win the coveted championship title. 


In the recent edition of the World Cup, FIFA has amassed billions of dollars in revenue from the sold-out tickets and broadcasting rights. Meanwhile, the countries that are hosting the World Cup tournaments usually earn $10 billion or higher. 


According to the reports, the 2018 FIFA World Cup has bestowed Russia with a hefty sum of $11.8 billion, most of which came from public funding. Meanwhile, online betting odds World Cup 2022 will be available once the event begins.


Indeed, Qatar is more than capable of hosting the worldcup22, they even pushed their limits further to ensure that the event will be a memorable one. While the true reason why FIFA granted Qatar the hosting privileges remains a mystery, what matters is the cultural significance of this event and the aim of Qatar to provide jobs to millions of people.


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