School of Science and Technology, Singapore – A Global Leader in Transforming Learning

Singapore is highly considered as a global hub in various aspects. This is why the city-state is in the forefront in several sectors such as healthcare, industry, and technology. 

When it comes to the industry of technology, Singapore is slowly becoming a leader in Asia and this would never be possible without the establishment of one of the leading schools in the country, the School of Science and Technology Singapore.

School of Science and Technology Singapore

The School of Science and Technology Singapore SST is an independent school in the city-state that focuses on developing the aptitude of its students in technology. The academic establishment offers a four-year program that specializes in a holistic approach when it comes to teaching applied sciences.

The institution strengthens its mathematical and scientific subjects to provide its students the advanced learning skills associated with technology as well as to hone their skillsets related to their craft. The graduates of SST are given the privilege to receive integrated learning and as well as the aptitude to compete on a global scale by utilizing the practical applications of modern technology and science. 

Purpose Built Vehicle Competition

Being a leader in science and technology, one of the programs of the SST is to prepare their students for global competitions related to technology like the Purpose Built Vehicle Competition that is presented by the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore. 

One of the interesting events held in HMGICS is the hands on tour for the SST students in its Electric Vehicle Training Space. The students also experienced a special tour in the HP-Nanyang Technological University Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab. They learned a lot about the state-of-the-art industrial 3D printing applied science. 

CCA Xperience Day 2022

Recently, the CCA Xperience Day 2022 was held and it is one of the highlights of the events organized by the School of Science and Technology Singapore. The participants were allowed to showcase their skills and talents in building innovative machines by utilizing unusual materials. Some students learned how to utilize LEGOs in some of the projects that were presented. 

The students of the SST also learned how to tackle AV obstacles, outdoor cooking, and other creative ideas using LEGO sets. The students of the SST, the Robotics Club, and the Media Club all benefited from the event.

RoboCup Singapore

Other exciting events that the SST students participated in recently is the RoboCup Singapore Open 2022.

The goal of the event is to advocate innovative technologies by utilizing AI and robotics technology in everyday applications in life. Meanwhile, one of the main goals of the event is to produce a representation of the country in the RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2022, as well as an entry in the RoboCup World Championship 2022.


The School of Science and Technology Singapore is one of the leading schools in Asia that solely focuses on the development of the aptitudes of the students when it comes to Science and Technology. The events that the institution organizes and participated in helped the bright Singaporean students to be competitive on the global scale. 

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