Singapore Takes on Malaysia at the AFF Championship

Singapore is set to clash with Malaysia in the Group B match of the AFF Championship. Before the match, Singapore was on the precipice of avoiding a loss in order for them to proceed to the next round of the Asian football competition. 

Let’s take a look at the head-to-head prediction on the upcoming match between the rival Southeast Asian teams.

Dominic Tan v Shawal Anuar

Tan was born to Malaysian parents but took up residency in Singapore. Tan was supposed to be playing alongside Irfan Fandi who is his friend from Singapore Sports School but ended up playing for Malaysia’s defense.

Aside from being the center-back of the Tigers, the formidable athlete also represented Thailand and Portugal in the past. Tan was set up to go play against his counterpart Shawal Anuar who is more than ready to take down the Tigers. 

Meanwhile, Shawal was one of the few members of Singapore’s last line of defense due to the absence of Ikhsan and Ilhan Fandi who were nursing serious injuries. The Republic has to swear by Shawal’s speed and technical ability to get through the match.

Malaysia has maintained their clean sheets with Tan producing eight goals in 3 of his appearances. On the other hand, the Lions were in danger of losing their qualification for the semi-final round. Back up the Lions at the football betting Singapore site to root for the underdog.

Mukhairi Ajimal v Shah Shahiran

One of the best things about this upcoming match is that both teams are equally matched when it comes to their midfield department. Malaysia’s Mukhairi is a player with a plump build but he is surprisingly agile on the pitch. He often delivers a strong performance and also has a knack for mercilessly shutting down his opponents to reclaim the lead for his team.

Meanwhile, Shah is much thinner in build and is equally fast on the field. He was deemed an excellent strategist and his passing ability is one of his defining skills. During their match against Myanmar, he expressed that he has the ability to shoot from afar which is a quality that their opponent lacks right now. The Singaporean midfielder is instrumental to the team producing a 3-2 victory against Myanmar.

Safawi Rasid v Christopher Van Huizen

Safawi is a winger that normally plays using his right foot but he recently surprised his opponents when he used his left foot. During the last season, he was hailed as the top goalscorer producing four goals in all of his appearances. 

However, his recent appearances in their seven matches were goalless but still, the winger produced three assists that helped his team to progress through matches. Support Malaysia in the upcoming match at the football betting Singapore platform.

On the other hand, Singapore’s left wingback Van Huizen has to produce a goal in each of their matches for the team to proceed to the semi-finals. Although he is still fresh from his six years of an international spell, he has been in great shape in this competition, presenting one assist and a few tackles for the team. 

Although, he must refrain from losing free-kicks as Safawi is a formidable player on the pitch with a skill set focusing on on-field strategy. He could surprise everyone with a strong play despite Malaysia lacking any scored goals in their previous three matches. 


The upcoming match between Singapore and Malaysia for the ASEAN Football Federation Mitsubishi Electric Cup is set to occur at Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. According to recent records, both teams are equally matched in all of their positions. 

It is now up to the key players from both sides who will be the winner of the match. Place your wager on the football betting Singapore site to win surprising rewards!

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