Which Teams Will Play and Skip the World Cup 2022?

Now that the three-year wait is over, we will finally be served with a healthy dose of World Cup footballing action in November. The international sporting event will feature the best of the best football teams that are representing their respective nations and are set to hoist their flag in the renowned event.


After a painstaking qualifying stages from their football confederations, the list of qualified teams is now complete. online betting odds World Cup 2022

How many teams get in?


There are 211 countries that are official members of FIFA and all of them have competed in the World Cup qualifiers in their respective football confederations. However, the slots for the final tournament are only 32. Out of all 211 national teams, 32 squads will proceed to Qatar in November to represent their countries in the group stage with all of them having online betting odds World Cup 2022.


Europe has 13 teams under their belt to play for the World Cup group stages. The continent of Africa has five teams to represent in the World Cup while Asia also has five including the host country, Qatar. North America has four teams, South America has four as well; meanwhile, the only country from Oceania that got in is Australia.

Which countries have qualified?


There are 32 national teams that are set to compete in the final tournament of the World Cup in Qatar. Each of the countries are organized into four pots which in turn would make up the eight groups of the World Cup group stages.


Due to the influence of Europe in the world of association football, the continent has more slots in the World Cup which included the football heavyweights France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England, and the Netherlands that are all deemed favorites in online betting odds World Cup 2022.


South America has wonderful contenders too such as the mortal rivals, Argentina and Brazil. The most prolific African team in the tournament will be Senegal considering their recent victory in the AFCON. North America will feature the US Team heavily while Asia will back up host country Qatar and their most formidable team, Japan.

Are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo going?


The eternal rivalry of football superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has finally run its course. Now that the two athletes are at their prime, the 2022 World Cup will be their swan song to the world before they finally retire from playing internationally.


Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing for his national team, Portugal in the World Cup with online betting odds World Cup 2022 of +1200. While Portugal is lacking a significant win lately which is evident in their performance in Euro 2020, the squad still has high hopes this year.


On the other hand, Lionel Messi was backed up by his teammates in their international tournaments which is obvious following their victory in Copa America. However, it seemed bittersweet considering that the 2022 edition will be Messi’s last chance to win a World Cup trophy before he retires.

Who won’t be there?


Following the intense competition in the qualifying stage, some formidable teams didn’t make the cut in the World Cup despite presenting good performance. In Europe, winners of Euro 2020; Italy didn’t qualify for the tournament as well as Sweden. Meanwhile, Russia is not allowed to compete because of sanctions against the country for invading Ukraine which is such a shame considering they have world cup betting odds 2022 of +2500.


Some of the teams in the Americas won’t be joining the World Cup and they are Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Honduras. Meanwhile, the team of Africa’s best player, Mohamed Salah will skip the World Cup following the recent loss of Egypt to Senegal in AFCON.


The 2022 World Cup is highly considered as the highlight of the year considering the status of the event on the international stage. The next World Cup will be more open to more participants as they will expand to 48 slots.


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